Saturday, June 21, 2014

And so the adventure begins!

Well, it's about that time again. We are leaving Saturday, June 28th for another summer adventure. On the first part of our trip we will follow the same path as last year all the way to Yellowstone National Park. Then we will travel north to Glacier Park Montana and then start heading back east through Fargo, Green Bay, Chicago, and Niagara Falls as we make our way to Quebec City Canada. Then we will work our way back home through Boston, NYC and Virginia beach. Of course we will visit all of the places in between which is usually where the real adventure lies. Oh did I mention that my Dad, Joanne and their dog Noel are going with us. They have caught the bug and will be following us this year. They have fixed up a 1960's pop up camper and will be living in it with maybe the occasional night in a hotel. Lyn, Jasper and I will be roughing it in a tent again. We did get a new bigger tent this year so I guess we will not be roughing it after all. Stay tuned the road is calling and luckily for us it is calling our name!

This is just our best guess on the route.

This camper is the same one that I camped in as a kid.

This is our new luxurious "Taj Ma Tent!! 

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